Mon Chéri: The Lily Collection Product Review

Effortless skincare that brings out your inner Parisian goddess!


As a beauty junkie, I was absolutely thrilled when I was asked to try out the Mon Chéri’s Le Fleur de Lis (The Lily Collection). Mon Chéri – which means “my darling” or “my dearest” in French, is an anew skincare brand that offers essential products formulated in France designed to accentuate a woman’s natural beauty and self-confidence.

The brand believes cleansing, toning and moisturising are the three basic fundamentals in a proper skincare regime to obtain glowing, healthy skin, Hence, for an effortless yet essential daily skincare routine, The Lily Collection consists of three beautifully curated products: a Gentle Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser. This range also caters to all the different skin types; whether you have normal to combination, oily, dry and sensitive, or aging and sun-damaged skin, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect pack for yourself.

As for me, I have combination skin that tends to get oily around the T-zone but dry on the cheek area so I went for the “Normal to Combination Skin” series.


With a sturdy baby pink box that houses the products (where each of them is packaged in an adorable striped tube box — box-ception?), it was pure bliss to unbox The Lily Collection. After 15 minutes of swooning over the gorgeous packaging, I finally gotten myself to explore what’s actually in it.




Enriched with botanical extracts, oil control serum and mild surfactant, this cleanser gently but effectively removes dirt and impurities without stripping away too much of the skin’s natural oils. Although it doesn’t have thick and rich foam, Mon Chéri Gentle Cleanser still managed to eliminate all the remaining makeup and dirt on my face (#citygirlproblems),without leaving behind that uncomfortable, tightening sensation some cleansers might give you. The pump dispenser also makes the entire process easier and more hygienic — love it!



With herbal blends and natural astringents to thoroughly remove impurities and reduce pore size, this gentle exfoliator is difficult not to love (and almost addictive). After cleansing, I would pour a generous amount on my palms and apply the clear all over my face until the product is fully absorbed. On days when I feel like my skin is looking dull and uneven, I would use a cotton pad instead of my hands to get rid of any dead skin lying around the surface. This really helps in reviving my complexion, leaving it smooth and supple.



Packed with the goodness of botanical ingredients, moisturising agents, anti-oxidants and vitamins, the delicately scented formula is light and very easily absorbed into the skin — which is crucial for our humid weather. Nothing is worse than a heavy moisturiser sitting on top of your skin, making you look (and feel) like a greaseball. Thankfully, my skin drinks up the Mon Chéri Moisturiser almost instantly but still provides me an all-day moisture and an inexplicable Parisian grace.

mon cheri

As a final remark, using Mon Chéri’s The Lily Collection for the past three weeks has been nothing but an absolute joy. I loved every bit of it; from the packaging to the scent to the formula and down to the entire experience itself. With all of its amazing qualities — especially how the formula is perfect for our Malaysian climate —there’s really nothing much I can complain about other than the absence of a serum or essence in the series (which I do hope Mon Chéri would take into consideration into producing).

Mon Chéri Group Shot 1

Mon Chéri The Lily Collection (RM280)

  • Gentle Cleanser, 180ml
  • Toner, 180ml
  • Moisturiser, 50ml


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