LANEIGE Introduces The NEW Two-Tone Matte Lip Bar

One for the matte lovers!

Photography: LANEIGE

Ever faced with the problem of applying a matte lipstick only to have your lips turn dry and flaky after a few hours? You could reapply it, layer on some lip balm, OR, you could avoid the whole situation instead with LANEIGE’s new Two-Tone Matte Lip Bar!

Just like its popular Two-Tone Lip Bar that creates a glossy ombré lip with two colours in a single tube, LANEIGE has done it again with a matte variation, creating the same compelling look with new ingredients and a special new formula, keeping your lips moisturised and fresh throughout the day.

Matte, yet moisturising

The unique feature about LANEIGE’s Two-Tone Lip Bars is that each colour has been professionally paired with a matching shade to give the effect of fuller-looking lips as well as a natural gradient look. On the top side of the bar, there’s an intense adhesive matte shade that has gone through fine micro-pigmentation to ensure that it distributes evenly on the lip. While at the bottom, a contrasting colour is used, which acts a velvet primer for moisturised lips. Together, the combined bar creates a natural blurring effect without a tinge of dryness.

Photography: LANEIGE

Glide easy

A common problem with applying a matte lippie in the form of a bar or stick is that you’d have to go over your lips a few times to fill in those curves and crevices. This is a result of the lipstick having a lesser liquid ratio than usual. However, the Two-Tone Matte Lip Bar uses a high-content smooth gel ingredient, letting you glide it along your lips effortlessly for a smooth and moist look.

Choose your shade

There are 10 different colour combos, which you can easily match your mood or any makeup look you have on. For a something fun and bubbly, ‘Sunshine Coral’ has just the right pop of orange and red that feels like you belong on a sunny beach with a popsicle in hand! If you’re heading out on a romantic date, draw your date closer with ‘Red Velvet’ or ‘Burgundy Mood’. And whether you’re into browns or pinks for a natural, everyday look, ‘Fitting Rose’ and ‘Soft Knit’ will do the trick nicely with pinkish-brown tones.

Soft Knit

Burgundy Mood

Red Cashmere

Powershoulder Pink

Fitting Roe

Sunshine Coral

Red Velvet

Apricot Candy

Rose Layering

Cherry Milk

Priced at RM85, the LANEIGE Two-Tone Matte Lip Bar is available nationwide at all LANEIGE beauty counters and boutiques.

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