Female Beauty Faves: 5 Scary Halloween Makeup Looks That’ll Creep Everyone Out!

It’s time guys, the bewitching date is nigh! It’s T minus two days till Halloween and every year we anticipate ourselves to scroll through hundreds of the most creative makeup looks for the ghoulish night. After binge-watching a couple of horror movies, we’re excited to see the scariest looks anyone can do.

It’s time to bring back the terrors and frights as we’ve picked out five of our favourite Halloween makeup looks on YouTube. Also, these ladies are seriously talented cos you’d need mad SFX (Special Make-up Effects) skills to be able to make these makeup looks super realistic!

Warning! Not for the faint of heart.

1. A Demon Underneath

2. Valak

3. Japanese Horror

4. Unzip Your Face

5. Missing Eyes

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