Chanel’s AW19 Makeup Collection Goes Back To Classic Black And White

When I think of Chanel, the one adjective that always comes to mind is “classic”. In fact, looking through the FEMALE archives for material for our 45th anniversary celebrations, I was struck by how timeless the Chanel ads in the pages were!

They may have been ads from decades ago, but you could easily think they were shot yesterday. Of course, the products aren’t exactly the same, but the overall design sense has changed so little that they are instantly recognisable.

That’s the power of timeless design. Or more specifically, Gabrielle Chanel’s iconic and timeless design  that she turned into the signature of her House. It’s the colours that stand out: Noir and Blanc, black and white, that have became synonymous with Chanel.

Now for AW19, Lucia Pica, the House’s Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer, explores and reinterprets the ultimate symbolic colours of Chanel in a stylized and sumptuous beauty collection: Noir et Blanc de Chanel.

Beyond being a part of Gabrielle Chanel’s life and work, Lucia Pica also sees the colour duo as part of a manifesto for modernity in beauty for today’s women.

“Black and white are the colours I relate most to Gabrielle Chanel; the time she lived in, the power she gave these colours, the way they appeared in her life. Black and white were in her surroundings, in the interiors, in the architecture of Paris as well as in the symbolism of her life.” – Lucia Pica

While black and white are the clear focus points of the collection, they’re not all this collection has to offer: the shades of grey in between feature too. Inspired by the gradations of colour found in the silver screen and the silver print, sepias, greys and new “Rouge Noirs” emerge.

Textures are explored as well: sparkling shimmer adds an all-over glow of glamour, while structured mattes make a more direct appeal.

Altogether, the collection encompasses: a gel eye shimmer, two new shimmery top coats, two eyeliners and nai polish shades (in black and white, of course), mascara, two new eyeshadow quads and two new shades each of the Rouge Allure Liquid Powder lipsticks, Velvet Powder lipsticks, and Rouge Coco Gloss.

Long-time Chanel muse Kristen Stewart models the collection.

The collection will be available at all Chanel boutiques and counters on 15 July 2019.