FEMALE Beauty Faves: Pony’s Calm And Subtle Beige Makeup

It’s time to highlight our absolute favourite makeup looks and artists. Today, we’re sharing a look, tip or artist that forever changed our makeup game. Say hello to FEMALE Beauty Faves. It’s Makeup Monday with a twist!

It’s no surprise that I’m a huge fan of superstar Korean makeup artist Pony. While it was her mind-blowing celebrity transformation makeovers that first drew me in, I quickly fell in love with her sophisticated makeup looks and artistry. No matter how many tutorials she puts out, I always feel like I learn something new from each one of her videos. In true form, here’s what I learned from her latest beautiful look: “calm beige makeup.”

Besides its focus on beige as the main colour, the key point to this makeup look is a sense of calmness and subtlety, which means you’ll stay away from blinding strobe-like highlighting. Instead, Pony uses a lighter shade of foundation along the center of her face to create volume and subtle highlight. Tip! Always apply stick-form products with a sponge or brush for the most natural coverage because the nature formulation makes them hard to blend naturally.

Now that you’re done with creating your lovely clear skin, it’s time to move on to eyes. (P.S. To prevent eye makeup from smudging, remember to use a finishing powder around your eyes before doing any eye makeup. This was one of my top Makeup Lessons of 2017!) First, a wash of light brown shadow over the lid and a light champagne cream shadow on the lower lash line goes a long way towards making your eyes look pure and open.

When applying mascara, don’t zig-zag your mascara brush if you want a natural finish– move your brush steadily upwards and remove any clumps from the tips of your lashes with your fingers.

Next, to subtly define your eyes, try using a dark brown eyeshadow as eyeliner. The key to keep things super beautiful but natural is to apply the shadow just at the wing and on the outer edges of your lower lashline. The result is perfectly low-key and pretty.

After that, Pony applies the most natural flush I’ve seen. Her secret? A nude pink lip pencil stamped on with a sponge! Finally, use the same shade on your lips to really tie the whole look together.

Watch the full video below to see all the techniques and more in action!