Female Beauty Faves: How To Lengthen Eyelashes With Mascara

Long fluttery eyelashes are often viewed as a universal symbol of beauty and a sign of femininity. Yet, not every one of us is gifted with this feature, which is why we frequently turn to beauty tricks such as using mascara to create the illusion of dramatic eyelashes!

Swiping on a few layers of mascara may help to define the lashes and make them appear fuller, but the wrong application technique can also make the lashes look clumpy and unflattering. By layering different types of mascara, Shifra Goldstein proves that we don’t always need to rely on false eyelashes or eyelash extensions to accentuate your lashes.

1. Curl the lashes and tightline the eyes

Many people often skip the important step of curling their natural lashes, but Shifra shows that it can have a huge effect on brightening the eyes by curling the base of her lashes close to her eyelid. Then, she runs a clean q-tip along her upper waterline before tightlining her eyes with Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner Pencil to make the lashes appear thicker and create an effect of a fuller lash line.

2. Layer your mascara

If you haven’t found your one holy grail mascara, maybe it’s time to try two!

For the first layer of mascara, Shifra recommends using Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes mascara or any other mascara that works to separate the lashes. Without touching the lash line, she applies the product lightly in a zigzag motion to coat the lashes more evenly and prevent any clumps from forming.

Next, she uses Maybelline The Falsies Mascara to volumize and thicken the lashes. As this mascara has a wetter formula, she coats the product on her right eyelashes with a few light strokes and moves on to coat her left eyelashes without dipping the wand back into the bottle. This is to prevent too much product depositing onto the lashes at once.

3. Comb it out

As mascaras tend of clump together, Shifra uses a lash comb in between the layers to separate the lashes. Once the formula feels slightly drier on the lashes, she goes in with another layer of The Falsies mascara followed by the Colossal Cat Eyes mascara again to separate the lashes. This time, she also applies some mascara on the back and tip to create an illusion of longer lashes.

Lastly, she combs out her lashes again after allowing the product to dry and curls them lightly to keep them in shape.

Check out the full tutorial in the video below on how to achieve this alluring falsies look with your natural lashes.

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