Female Beauty Faves: How To Achieve Thick And Feathery Brows In 3 Steps

With celebrities like Cara Delevigne and Lily Collins rocking the big screens with thick eyebrows, it’s no surprise that the beauty look is quickly being loved by many women nowadays. Bold feathery brows are great for adding character and dimension to the face, and they’re believed to be so much easier to maintain than thin ones.

If you have naturally thick eyebrows, let them flourish instead of rushing to the beauty salon to get them threaded thinly. With a few simple tips and tricks, Youtuber Jessica Vu shows how easy it is to achieve natural, thick and feathery brows.

1. Prep with eyebrow gel

Eyebrow gel is usually used as a finishing product, but Jessica starts off by brushing her eyebrows with the product as she finds them really handy in shaping the brows. This helps create a base shape of the brows so that they’re easier to be filled in more evenly. She also applies the product generously and brushes the hairs in the opposite direction to make them more feathery. Besides that, she emphasized on the importance of brushing the ends of the brows upwards as well to make them look naturally thicker.

2. Fill them in

By using MAC’s Shape & Shade Brow Tint, she fills her brows by drawing hair strokes in the same direction as her natural brow hairs. If you mess up the strokes, Jessica recommends scratching out the product with your fingers in the same direction as the hair so it still looks like hair strokes. She also prefers to press her brows down after she’s done filling them in to lock them in place, giving them an effect of glued-down brows.

3. Define the brows

For a bolder look, Jessica loves using a felt-tip eyeliner to further define and add dimension to the brows. She notes that this is also a great tip for those who have dark-coloured hair and want their brows to be more cool-toned. Be sure to use the eyeliner light-handedly in this step as the strokes from the eyeliner can look a little harsh.

Watch how Jessica does her eyebrows effortlessly in the video tutorial below.

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