Female Beauty Faves: Behati Prinsloo’s Fresh-Faced Makeup

There are days when we feel like investing an hour or two into doing a full face makeup, but sometimes all we want is to look simple, fresh and awake. Thankfully,  It doesn’t take too many complicated techniques to transform your early morning bed face into a bright, glowing look!

In fact, Behati Prinsloo says a few easy steps are all you need to achieve that everyday, simple look that’ll make you look vibrant when you walk out the door.

1. Prep the skin

To start off, Behati freshens up her skin with a facial spray to make sure it’s hydrated. As it is a daytime look, wearing sunscreen is extremely important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. She suggests mixing some liquid foundation with sunscreen for protection and also to thin out the formula. Instead of a beauty blender or brush, she prefers to use her hands and fingers to apply the foundation onto her skin as she feels the hands warm up the product, making it blend into the skin evenly.

2. Add colour to the eyebrows and eyelids

For a more natural look, steer away from bold and super defined brows. Before filling in her eyebrows lightly, she draws a few rounds on the back of her hand to warm it up so that the colour shows better when drawn on the brows.

Reaching out for the Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Palette, Behati shares her preference for an all-in-one cream palette because the consistency is easier to blend with fingers and the cream-based texture gives off a dewy finish. She starts off by dabbing on a dark brown shade of her eyelid to brighten it, followed by applying a lighter shade to highlight just below the brows.

3. Curl, curl, curl

Behati also points out that curling your eyelashes is crucial for an ultimate fresh and awake look. Despite being a huge fan of mascara, she only applies a thin layer onto her eyelashes and avoids applying any onto the lower lashes for a more natural look. Once the mascara dries up, she curls her eyelashes again to help them stay in shape for a longer period.

4. Plump those lips

To finish off the look, she opts for a nude, pinkish lip liner that’s similar to the colour of her natural lips and lightly draws the outline. She then fills her lips with the same lip liner instead of using a lipstick.

And voilà! It’s that easy. Watch how Behati achieves the look effortlessly in the video below.

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