Makeup Monday: Ombre Lips

Bold lips are trending this season. Take it up a notch with an ombré effect. 

The ombré  trend has been around for quite some time and it all started with our hair and now it has taken over other parts of our bodies, like our nails and lips! So, we won’t be leaving this trend behind anytime soon. The craze, these days are all about the lips specifically those Kylie pouts and this gradient effect helps create the illusion of fuller looking lips even without going under the knife.

All you need is two or three lip colour and a lip brush!


Step 1: Start with the darkest shade and outline the lips. For more precision, use a lip pencil or a lip brush.

Step 2: Fill in the entire lip with the same colour.

Step 3: Use a lighter hue and apply it to the centre of the lips. Focus the majority of the product int he middle to create the fuller looking lips.

Step 4: Use a lip brush to blend out the edges for a seamless gradient effect.


Let your imagination run wild with different variant whether it’s blue, nude, or the classic red.


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