Makeup Monday: Neon Ombré Lip Art

Here’s a bold, fun party lip look that’ll get heads turning! Bonus: You’ll look like a Snapchat filter IRL.

To be honest, I’m kind of boring when it comes to makeup; I usually stick to nudes or neutral pinks. If I’m feeling particularly ‘crazy’ I’ll go for a scarlet or dark red! But recently, I’ve been scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram for makeup inspo, and these ombré lip looks caught my eye.

The ombré trend and dual-toned lips have been around for quite a while now- the LANEIGE Two Tone and Two Tone Tint Lip Bars have been selling out like crazy, as we all know. Most of the two-toned lip colours I’ve seen use pretty subtle and tame shades, so I decided to take the look a step further by using contrasting colours: neon pink and black! Paired with a smoky eye, this lip art is daring yet vibrant and will be sure to get you lots of compliments at parties!

Step 1: Fill in your entire lip using the darker colour. It’s best to use a lip brush, which ensures more precise and thorough coverage.

Step 2: Using another clean lip brush, dab the brighter neon colour around the edges of your lips. Try not to veer too close to the centre.

Step 3: Smudge the edges of your neon lines a li’l so the colours blend in and look more natural. That’s it! You can even dab glitter on the centre of your lips if you’re feeling extra-adventurous.

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