Makeup Monday Featuring Dita Tilhen: Glam Pennywise From IT

Figured out what you want to be for Halloween? Here’s a look that is inspired by one of the scariest creatures of 2017– with a glam twist.

Malaysians are getting into the groove of dressing up as their favourite superhero or a scary character that will send chills down everyone’s spine. It takes weeks (for some, months) of preparation to pull of the ultimate scare of the year. If you still haven’t decided on what to be (and you don’t want to be a princess or fairy) then makeup extraordinaire, Dita Tilhen has got your back with her glam twist on the terrifying Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

Photography: Movieweb

Here’s how you can recreate her look in a jiffy.

Step 1: Here’s Dita’s tip when you’re trying to create an unnaturally pale (but still natural, if you know what we mean) base. Instead of going in straight away with a super light foundation, start with a foundation that matches your skintone first, then build it up with a lighter shade. This avoids an ashy complexion.

Step 2: Contour from the top of the ears towards the apples of the cheeks. Because Pennywise wouldn’t be glam without a bit of contour!

Step 3: Use a white pencil to line your lower waterline. Then fill in eyebrows– Pennywise doesn’t have much in the way of brows, but this is a more glam, flattering take.

Step 4: Outline the lips with a matte black waterproof liner, blend it inwards. Top it off with a red liquid lipstick.

Step 5: Using the same red lipstick and an angled brush, draw vertical lines from the lips up to the forehead.

Step 6: With the same black liner pencil, smudge it out under the eyes for a dramatic effect, then set it with a matte black eyeshadow.

Step 7: For the terrifying clown nose, grab your same red liquid lippie and colour it in, smudging the top for a more natural look.

Step 8: For an extra, freshly-spilled bloody gleam, add glitter along the vertical lines of the face. Dita used a metallic liquid eyeshadow in a reddish shade.

Step 9: Apply several coats of mascara and pop on some OTT falsies.

Check out the Dita in action in the full video here:

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