Makeup Monday: 5 Simple Steps To Create ‘The Floating Crease’ Eye Look

Want to wear bold hues on the eyes without going on that normal route? Enter the Instagram makeup trend – ‘The Floating Crease’. Don’t get it confused with the cut crease look – this requires less makeup often worn with one or two solid colour of eyeshadow and eyeliner. It’s a very graphic approach but it’s done in a subtle way.


You can easily mix and match different shades to suit your mood or you can do a minimal take by going for that negative space flair with just going for the line on the crease sans eyeshadow. We decided to try with two contrasting colours – pink and yellow to add to that fun factor. Recreate this poppin’ look with these simple steps. Have fun experimenting!

Step 1: Prime your eyes

Step 2: Pat on a base colour shadow, followed by a light pink one. Make sure to cover the whole eye lids.

Step 3: With a more punchy hue, swipe the colour on the centre of the lids, and blend it out seamlessly.

Step 4: Now, with a mirror, close your eyes and then slowly open them. Observe where your eyes naturally fold.

Step 5: Take an eyeliner in a colour of your choice, and draw an arc above the natural folds.

Tip! If you don’t have steady hands, draw tiny dots as a guideline to create that perfect arc.



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