Make the Best Out of Coconut Oil with These Beauty Tricks

Because why use it only for cooking, am I right?

If there is any one-all product that solves various kinds of beauty boo-boos from your occasional parched elbows and knees to your long-term scars (and we mean physically), it’s got to be coconut oil. It’s been incorporated in so many products and well, why not? It’s naturally nourishing, antibacterial and antifungal, and it penetrates better than most oils. Even though the smell can be a little bit pungent for some, it’s definitely worth slathering on ourselves if it means putting us on the path of amazing, healthy and smoother-than-smooth results.

It’s hard to even think of what this magical ingredient can’t do, but I’m not even going to bother going there when I can think of so many ways we CAN use it for! And all you really need is just one thing: raw, virgin coconut oil.

Photo: Huffington Post

Photo: Huffington Post

1. Remove makeup
No makeup remover? No problem. By applying it directly like you would with a normal oil cleanser, even the most resistant waterproof makeup will melt right off.

2. Shave your legs – or anything
Who needs shaving cream when you’ve got a way cheaper alternative and leaves you smelling kind of like cookies? Its calming and moisturising properties are perfect for giving you a clean finish without being flaky and dehydrated.

3. Soothe dry skin
As mentioned in the point before, thanks to its effective hydrating and healing abilities, this makes coconut oil a commendable option for parched areas – especially cracked cuticles. It easily whips up a nourishing lotion to help lock in moisture for baby-soft skin.

4. Condition your scalp and hair
Massage a small amount into your scalp and comb it through your locks so it distributes evenly. Shampoo it off after 20 to 30 minutes or if you’d like to have it as an overnight treatment for deeper penetration, sleep on either a towel or wish a shower cap on. The result: well-restored strength and shine.

Photo: Boston Magazine

Photo: Boston Magazine

5. Pile on the glow
Whether you’re looking to add some extra pizzazz to your strands for glossy-looking hair or even to highlight your cheekbones, this supermarket staple can do both. Just keep it light and minimal by using only a coin-sized amount or less to warm up in the palms of your hands before applying it anywhere.

6. Spruce up your mouth
Surprisingly enough, this oil can do wonders for your teeth and breath! All your have to do is mix water with a tablespoon of coconut oil, and then mix and gargle it in your mouth for about 10 to 15 minutes. This gets rid of germs in your mouth, imparting you with a whiter, healthier smile.

7. Scrub off flakes
Conjure up your own DIY body scrub in the quickest way possible. Mix coconut oil with sugar or salt (but be careful of open wounds) before going to town with your little recipe.

8. Relieve burns and itches
You know that feeling when you’re suffering from a fresh sunburn and the itchiness and pain are just biting in your skin until you feel like your world is falling apart? Or perhaps you were bitten by a mutant mosquito? The coconut is here for YOU. Slathering it on burns, bug bites or scrapes provides a cooling and calming sensation whilst keeping you hydrated.

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