Lush Is Launching 54 New Bath Bombs And They Look Absolutely Stunning

No matter your scent, colour or skincare preferences, there’s a fizzer that’ll have you shook.

With its eco-friendly ethos, vegan skincare, magical sleep-inducing lotion and fizzy bath bombs, it’s difficult to not be a fan of Lush’s products. If you’re above 30 years old, chances are you’ve never come across bath bombs during your younger days. This is because the bathing product was only introduced in 1989 when Lush co-founder, Mo Constantine invented the fizzy little bombs in her garden shed in an effort to turn an ordinary bath into a luxurious event without irritating delicate skins.

In honour of the bath bomb’s 30th anniversary, Lush is launching 54 new bath bombs worldwide. Undoubtedly the brand’s biggest bath bomb launch ever, it features “some brand new formulas and others resurrected from deep within the Lush archives, with an innovative new look,” according to the brand.

The cosmetic brand, known for its fresh and handmade products, has always prided itself in its beloved bath bomb collection. With the usage of 3D printing technology as well as additional colours and shapes, this beauty product has evolved dramatically with multiple layers of benefits for the skin.

Aside from exploding into a fizzing visual spectacle that inspired a global #bathart movement, bath bombs continue to treat the skin with an abundance of rich butters and oils, while creating a unique ambience in your bathroom through fragrance and colours.

While all these fizzy treasures will be available online, each shop will carry a locally curated selection which will be available from March 29 onwards. As you eagerly await for the new releases to be available at our local Lush store in Pavilion KL, here’s a sneak peek of some of the bath bombs to get you excited!

So White Bath Bomb

Seaweed Bombshell Bath Bomb

Pirates Of The Carageenan Bath Bomb

Harajuku Bath Bomb

Goddess Bath Bomb

Blue Skies And Fluffy White Clouds Bath Bomb

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