Lighten Foundation That’s Too Dark With This Simple Trick | #FemaleExpressBeauty

I know: you should probably never buy foundation or concealer (read: cosmetics that clearly require being matched perfectly to your skin) online, sight unseen. I especially have a ridiculously tough time trying to estimate what a foundation online looks like in real life and whether it’s even the right tone for me.

But that still doesn’t stop me from shopping online and occasionally ending up with a foundation that’s a little too dark for my skin.

When this happens, don’t throw it out just yet. There’s a pretty simple, infinitely-customisable way to make it wearable!

STEP 1: Put a bit of your too-dark foundation on the back of your hand.  This trick works best with cream or liquid foundations.

STEP 2: Get a moisturiser. In my tests for this video, I found that richer, heavier creams work a lot better than lighter gel-types. It helps as well if the cream is opaque and white, and not too runny.

STEP 3: Mix a dab of moisturiser with the foundation on your hand. Blend well; it can take a while for the moisturiser and foundation to meld together. Start small and add more moisturiser as you go along. If you go too light, you can always add more foundation, but why waste?

And you’re done! Your foundation should also be dewy and hydrating now, which is great for dry-skinned folks like myself. If you’ve got oily-skin, your skin will appreciate the moisture, but you may want to set it with some translucent powder. 

If you’re working with the opposite problem where your foundation is too light for your skin, you can still use this trick! Just replace the moisturiser with a drop of liquid bronzer.