Achieve Flawless Skin With Daisy Sky’s Skincare Range!

All-natural organic aromatherapy skincare range with plant-based and vegan friendly ingredients? No you’re not dreaming!

Earlier this year, Daisy Sky Malaysia launched their brand new organic all-natural aromatherapy skincare range to enhance brightness while clearing and smoothing the skin.  Daisy Sky Malaysia came about in 2008 when a dietitian, an aroma therapist and a chemist were travelling through Europe and stumbled upon the stunning Bulgarian Rose. After they fell in love with its charming aroma and learned about the overwhelming amount of health benefits, they just knew they had to incorporate Bulgarian rose into skincare products.
Since that fateful day, the brand has not only grown but also went through extensive research to find the best possible formula for the perfect skincare range. Taking inspiration from nature, they aspire to revitalise, moisturise and energize the skin with the mission to try and understand the different complexities of the skin while giving it ultimate treatment it deserves. It’s also free from dyes, artificial fragrances and alcohol!

“After giving birth, my skin was dry and desperately needed some TLC but the affordable products in the market I stumbled upon contains paraben, preservatives, alcohol and perfumes which can be too harsh and have short term benefits. We wanted a softer, kinder and organic skincare range so we decided to embark on Daisy Sky Malaysia. Our products cleanse the skin without stripping it of its natural oil and some can be used on babies from 3-months old onwards.” – Kong Wan Lin, CEO of Daisy Sky.

CEO, Kong Wan Lin (Middle) with close friends

As the brand plans to widen its product ranges to cater to different skin and hair concerns, they’ve invited notable names to their release party with beauty and travel influencer, May Ho, beauty blogger, Nunna Ali, and TV host and sports presenter, Michelle Lee were in attendance.

Beauty and Travel Influencer, May Ho


Beauty Blogger, Nunna Ali

For more information, check out Daisy Sky Malaysia’s facebook and instagram. To enquire, please contact Daisy Sky Malaysia via email: [email protected]



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