Lee Sung Kyung Reveals Her Secret To Flawless And Radiant Skin

Lee Sung-Kyung has the sort of bubbly personality that you can’t help but love. At 176cm, this lanky starlet has a lot on her plate– numerous photoshoota, her role as Laneige ambassador, a new drama called About Time and her first movie role coming out this year. With her busy schedule, we wonder how she has the time to for herself. Lucky for us, she was here in Malaysia last week for the launch of the Laneige Layering Cover Cushion and we’ve got the inside scoop as she revealed her beauty regime, new projects, and her go-to makeup look.

1. You’ve got a beautiful flawless and radiant complexion, what is your beauty secret?

Lee Sung-Kyung: Skincare is super important. I invest a lot of my time taking care of it and having hydrated skin is important. The Laneige water bank products are super popular for a reason and I’ve been using the Laneige water essense and cream all year round to keep my skin hydrated. I also use the fresh calming toner so that my makeup stays on well throughout the day.

2. Since we’re on the topic of beauty products, what are some of your favourite features of the new Laneige Layering Cover cushion?

LSK: Firstly the packaging is so beautiful! It’s also super convenient to carry since it’s a two in one product. Besides that, I love that the concealer is matte but has a moisturizing finish.

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3. What’s your go-to makeup look when you are off-screen?

LSK: The layering cover cushion is something that I needed cos when I’m off camera I like to go for a natural look and the product gives me that natural finish. People always ask me what I’m always wearing on my lips and it’s usually the Laneige two-tone lip bar – it’s one of my must-have items in my bag.

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4. When you’re not busy filming, what do you like to do in your free time?

LSK: With a hectic schedule sometimes it’s easy to neglect my self-care routine. So when I have the luxury I would take my time to really indulge in taking care of my skin as well as working out to keep my health in check.

5. So what’s your next major project that you can share with us?

LSK: This year I have a drama coming out with TvN called, About Time. The fantasy romance drama will center around a musical actress who has a special ability to see the life clocks of other people and along the way she’ll fall in love with a man who’s going to change her time and fate. I’m excited for everyone to see it, so please look forward to that.


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