Is It Too Late For Your Man To Protect His Skin From The Sun?

Q: “I’m dating this guy who’s really into the outdoors – swimming, hiking, cycling – you name it! The only problem is, he always neglects wearing sunblock, which makes me worry so much. Is it too late for his skin? How do I get him to start? – Munirah Zain, 32, Lawyer

Photography: Shutterstock

A: In the realm of skincare, it’s never too late to start anything and prevent damage. And in today’s world, there are many types of skincare for men. If he’s concerned about not wanting a thick and heavy texture slathered on this face (as men usually are), then look for one that’s non-greasy with a light finish (like this one) that keeps his skin comfortable no matter how much he reapplies throughout the day.



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