Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask Will Save More Than Just Your Skin

I challenge you to find a K-beauty fan who hasn’t, at least once, tried Laneige’s legendary Water Sleeping Mask.

The unassuming sky-blue tub of silky, soothingly smooth gel-cream that introduced the world to the magic of sleeping masks has been a staple on our bedside tables for years now. With nightly use, it promises perfectly plump, hydrated, and well-rested skin regardless of the torments you put it through during the day.

But for all that skin-loving magic, did you know that Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask also comes with a benefit that’s more than skin deep? It’s helping rural communities in Malaysia get access to clean water!

Since the launch of the Laneige Waterful Sharing Campaign in May, the brand has successfully raised RM100,000 through the sale of its specially-packaged CSR Water Sleeping Mask. RM10 from the sale of every specially-marked Sleeping Mask goes towards improving clean water access for rural communities in Malaysia. This year’s chapter has benefitted more than 880 residents across five villages including the newly identified Kampung Ulu Geroh & Kampung Poh in Perak as well as Kampung Padang, Pahang.

Last week, I got to join Laneige for the culmination of their campaign: the handover of official water filtration handover ceremony to communities at the orang asli village of Kampung Ulu Geroh in Perak. On the day, Laneige presented the village chief with 30 units of Life Straw point-of-use community water filtration systems to facilitate clean drinking water for the village residents. Before the water filter systems were installed, the residents relied entirely on the nearby river for water, which was fine on clear days. On rainy days however, much like the day we were there, mud slides turn the river water dirty and mucky, and the residents use only cloth filters to try to return the water to a more drinkeable state.

“After hearing their plight from our partner Global Peace Foundation, it broke my heart to know that there are still many Malaysians deprived of life’s basic need,” said Foong Winnie, Brand General Manager of Laneige Malaysia.Staying true to our commitment, we at Laneige are happy to be contributors to causes that uplift lives of Malaysians & we hope the water filters donated will be of good use to the community.”

Well done, Laneige Malaysia! We look forward to purchasing more of your amazing Water Sleeping Masks!

For more information on Laneige Malaysia’s Waterful Sharing Campaign, visit the campaign’s website or Laneige’s Facebook page.