Try K-Beauty’s Three-Second Moisturising Rule To Beat Dehydrated Skin!

Photography: Shutterstock

If you feel your skin getting drier day by day then maybe you need to switch up your skincare routine. Don’t worry you don’t need to get new products for this one. Beauty folks in Korea have been religiously following this three-second moisturising rule! Basically, to ensure your skin is well hydrated, you’ve got to apply your skincare products straight after you’ve washed your face.

According to SokoGlam, you’re advised to go into your skincare routine within three seconds after cleansing your face.

The reason behind this quickened step is because damp skin is said to be more receptive to topical actives when it comes in contact with water. So a moist skin will work better to take in all the topical ingredients applied unlike dry skin.

Photography: Shutterstock

Besides that, occlusive agents commonly found in moisturisers will help to create a barrier on your skin to prevent water loss.

These occlusives are the real reason why you need to apply your hydrating products quickly. As you know water evaporates and cleansing your face would cause your skin to dehydrate. So when you apply your moisturiser right after washing, the water has nowhere to go but into your skin. This will result in a higher hydration level and plump, happy skin!

If you’ve got dry or dehydrated skin, this handy tip is worth trying out– even if it means you have to work fast.

Hey, if it’ll help quicken our skincare routine faster for us to crash on our bed then we’re all for it!

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