Keep Your Hair Shiny And Healthy By Avoiding These Hair-drying Mistakes!

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Mistake #2: Not air-drying your hair completely

We’ve all had days when we just rush out with wet hair hoping it would completely dry when we reach our destination. However, the problem with this is the lack of volume! So if you’re longing for a voluminous mane, we suggest taking time out to make sure that those strands are dried thoroughly (unless you’re going for Kim K’s wet hair look).

This won’t be an issue if your hairdryer is equipped with a high-performing motor. The Dyson Digital Motor V9 provides high-speed airflow and is the fastest digital motor to date. It’s combined with Dyson’s Air Multiplier™ Technology which draws in air and amplifies it three times more to give out a controlled, high-pressured jet of air so that you don’t have to spend much time drying your hair!

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