K-Pop Star Kyla Massie Shares Her Skincare Routine And It’s Surprisingly Straightforward To Follow

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Korean idols are always well known for having incredibly clear skin and it’s no surprise to learn that they have a thorough skincare routine they religiously follow. Yet, they can sometimes be tight-lipped about the products they use on their glass skin faces, thanks to their usually strict endorsement deals with various brands.

With Korean girl group Pristin on a hiatus at the moment, it was almost too good to be true when 17-year-old Kyla Massie decided to share her entire skincare routine for dry, sensitive skin! Although she admitted that it was mainly thanks to the oral acne treatment Accutane for clearing her skin, these skincare products also contributed to keeping her skin clear.

Turns out, her routine is pretty straightforward and almost all the products can be found easily in Malaysia if you’re interested to give it a try.

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