Japan’s Largest Cosmetic Review And Ranking Platform, @Cosme, Has Launched In Malaysia

We look forward to its rankings every year, and now it’s landed in Malaysia!

We’re talking about Japan’s largest cosmetic review and ranking service mobile application, @cosme! Now available in Malaysia, @cosme is an interactive and social mobile app that crowd-sources a wide range of beauty reviews that rate a product on its usage, popularity, credibility, efficacy and reliability.

In other words, every beauty lover’s dream!

Originating from Japan, where it has served for over 20 years, @cosme is home to over 15 million verified reviews and 300,000 beauty product information ranging from cosmetics, skin care, hair care, body care and even fragrance! The app is incredibly popular in Japan with more than two-thirds of Japanese women in their 20s and 30s using the service. And thanks to its popularity, the annual @cosme The Best Cosmetics Awards has become a highly coveted award in the beauty and cosmetics industry!

Now, @cosme aims to be your one-stop shop for beauty info in Malaysia as well. On the application, you can easily search official product information for a wide range of brands from local Malaysian brands to popular international brands. Like on the native Japanese app, you’ll also be able read and post honest reviews, opinions, feedback, testimonials on the many beauty products listed.

Products in the mobile application are ranked entirely according to users’ reviews, without any panel of judges involved. As such, beauty products that are awarded by @cosme truly reflect the opinions of users.

The app’s social features are impressive as well: besides rating products, you can like reviews and even follow other users who you share similarities with, such as skin type, interest in similar range of beauty products and the like. The mobile application also offers suggestions and recommendations of products that are best suited for users, while furnishing information, ideas and articles on the latest beauty trends– making it that much easier to find your holy grails.

Finally, we also hear that there’ll also be in-app giveaways you can participate in to win prizes!

The @cosme app is now available for download on Android via the  Google Play Store and iOS via the Apple App Store.