How To Make Your Feet Look Fab In Sandals, Wedges, And Open-Toed Shoes

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Give your dry and cracked heels some tender loving care that it needs

Pre-gaming for a night out involves prepping your skin to create that perfect, fleek look from head-to-toe. When we talk foot care prep, a routine body wash is only half the battle. Exfoliate your legs. Arm yourself with hydrating lotions — and the occasional foot mask — to guarantee your feet are truly ready to face the music ahead.


We’ve all had a rough heel, or a corn or two — so to help your feet be photo-ready, we rounded up some of our favourite products for healthy, soft feet.

Step 1: Exfoliate

Photography: Frank Body

You want: An exfoliator that instantly promotes super smooth skin

You need: Frank Body Birthday Cake Body Scrub, $19.95 (about RM84.60)

Constantly under threat from walking for prolonged periods in uncomfortable heels and outright neglect (read: forgetting to do weekly exfoliations), we often deal with dry, cracked heels in desperate need of TLC.

This body scrub promises to exfoliate and slough off dead skin cells. Expect silky-soft, smooth feet in minutes.

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