How To Get Your Body Glowing To Match Your Face

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Let your body glow!

By now, lots of us have mastered the glowy skin skincare routine… for our face. But are you guilty of neglecting the skin from your décolleté down to your feet? It actually doesn’t take that much more out of your day to take care of your body on top of your face. Seal the goodness of a nourishing body cleanser in your skin with a hardworking body oil and spritz an uplifting scent to seal the deal.

With that in mind, now’s the time to pamper every inch of your body with these skin-loving picks.

1. Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine Edition EDT 50ml, RM199

“Light and fresh with  subtle fruity hint is how I like my everyday scents and this one hits the right notes. I’m a big fan of the original Daisy perfume and that is exactly how it smells like at first spritz. Yet the extension of the original scent has a surprisingly sweeter hint and smells much juicier and fruitier as it dries down on my skin thanks to its white strawberry accord. Definitely try this if you’re looking for an unexpected scent that will put you in a peppy mood!”

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