How To Get Liv Lo’s Glow In 8 Easy Steps!

Presenting our January cover girl, Liv Lo!

If you’ve read all about Liv in our January issue, you’d understand how inspiring she can get especially when it comes to women empowerment. And on days when you’re in the midst of doing something and questioning yourself as to what’s in it for you, Liv has all the answers laid out in our January issue.

No doubt her venture into yoga has taught her how to keep her cool; Liv has another secret that we found out – and that is having that coveted, everlasting glow on her face. We got a chance to chat with Andrea Claire from Judy Inc, one of Liv’s go-to makeup artists, and here’s what she revealed.

On Skincare

“Recreating Liv’s glow is easy and it all starts with using the right type of skincare. As a makeup artist, I always prefer to start with freshly exfoliated skin,” Andrea said. To do this, here is what Andrea recommends:

Step 1: “Use Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant or Skin Inc’s Oxy-Recharge Bubble Mask. The beauty about these products is that they’re incredibly gentle on the skin and will give your skin ‘breathable radiance’ once the dull layer of dead skin has been removed.”

Step 2: “Go all out on serums! I travel with an extensive collection of skincare because of the nature of my job and not everyone uses the same type of serum. As a makeup artist, I usually asses the skin first and look out for sensitive skin, pore size, oiliness and dryness. Serums help sensitive skin and give life to dull and dehydrated skin.”

Step 3: “Moisturise! My go-to will be Dermalogica’s Skin Smoothing Cream. It gives the skin an evenly hydrated texture and allows all other liquid and cream makeup to glide on, blend and layer seamlessly.”

Step 4: “Lastly, don’t forget your eye-cream! This really depends on the needs of the person that’s sitting in front of me.”

On Makeup

As for makeup, here’s what Andrea did for Liv:

Step 1: “Primer is a must after your skincare. Of late, I’ve fallen in love with Becca Backlight that gives the skin a subtle candlelit glow and The First Light that gives the skin a more ethereal glow.”

Step 2: “Next comes the foundation. As much as I personally like thin layers of foundations, it really depends on the skin and the type of coverage that’s needed. My go-tos are usually cream or liquid ones. Powder foundations, on the other hand, tend to look a bit flat and will make your sebaceous glands produce more oil, causing your skin to look oily and aged.”

Step 3: “Next comes the highlighting rules or what people usually refer to as strobing. My tip is to look at the way the light naturally hits the face and have the person you’re working on or yourself slowly turn towards the side. From this, you’ll see how light and shadows affect them or yourself. From this, you then decide what to enhance or bring forward. I’m known for using one to four highlighters of complementary tones to create the shape and glow that suits the face in front of me. I also use a combination of creams and highlighters but my favourite is from RMS Beauty and Becca. Another tip is that I always apply makeup using my fingertips! The heat from skin to skin helps melt the products for a seamless look. But always remember to wash your hands well, even if you’re working only on yourself.”

Step 4: “Lastly comes the setting sprays. My go-to Skindinavia but I do have a few more that I use on rotation. A final mist of hydrating protective toner such as the Mineral Booster by Dr TWL Dermaceuticals developed by Dr Wan Lin Teo, a Singaporean dermatologist, is also a must. It is a great product to freshen up the skin throughout the day too!”

Photography Micky Wong/New Storyboards Photography Assisted by Sally Yap Styling Stacie Cai Makeup and Nails Andrea Claire/Judy Inc using Becca, Charlotte Tilbury, Dermalogica and YSL Beauty Hair Priscillia Loo/Mi The [email protected] Assisted by Kerry Gutierrez Zambrano


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