5 Ways To Prevent Your Beauty Products From Spilling In Your Luggage

Can’t figure out a way to keep your beauty products from busting a move and getting nasty in your luggage during a flight? Here’s how:

Make a list & organise
In a world of chaos, being organised is the key, and when it comes to taking note of all your beauty products, you’ll know what we mean. Before you start packing, make a list of what you’ll actually need on your trip – and we mean everything. From your daily skincare and makeup to your brushes and pins, make sure no soldier is left behind. This helps you streamline your products so you don’t end up including unnecessary supplies.

happy young woman with notebook in bed at home


Stock up on clear bottles
Why splurge on travel-sized products when you can DIY them yourself? By personalising your beauty kit with clear plastic bottles, you’ll be a much happier camper cos not only do you get to bring your fave products along with you, you would have saved some cash too to splurge on your trip. Also, you’re definitely going to want to label each bottle clearly (unless you don’t mind scrubbing your face with shampoo!).

Woman packing toiletries

Woman packing toiletries

Keep bags in bags
We’re huge advocates for securing our beauty items in ziplock bags. And if we could ziplock our ziplock bags, trust us, we would. It’s a requirement at airport security to have liquids and the works in a transparent bag, so doing this has you covered. Separating into categories – for eyes, face, powders, creams, etc. – lets you find everything easily, and you won’t have to worry about spilling accidents.



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Invest in a good pouch

Instead of tossing everything into your luggage in numerous loose bags, get a convenient toiletry bag (or two) to step up your organisation game. One with multiple compartments will ensure that all your products stay snug inside and don’t get damaged from being juggled around. Also, it really helps if the material can be wiped clean easily to avoid getting permanently stained from any smudges.


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Stuff it centre

Usually, our cosmetic bags get thrown in at the very last minute, but here’s what really keeps all hell from breaking loose: tucking them in the middle of your luggage. This keeps them securely cushioned by your clothes, which doubles up as padding so your beauty items, especially perfumes, won’t bounce around or break. This applies to your electronic devices like hairdryers and styling tools too.





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