How To Add Texture To Pin Straight Hair

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There’s nothing wrong with having straight hair. Those of us who have it appreciate how it detangles easily – and looks sleek. What we don’t like is how it’s prone to looking flat and volume-less. Which happens often. These looks show you how to get around those problems.

Modern Maggie Cheung Curls

Hairstylist Peter Lee says that this tight, curly perm is a good way to add intense volume to straight hair. It’s a bold look but maintenance is easy – just air-dry the curls and let them fall naturally.

Tip: Don’t keep the curls looking too prim as “you’ll end with a dated ’80s vibe”. To make it look extra edge, have a deep side parting.

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Overnight Braids 

Leave your hair in braids while you snooze for the easiest and quickest way to get textured beachy waves in the morning. The curls do straighten out as the day goes by, especially in humidity.

Tip: To make the curls last, spritz on a sea salt spray before braiding, and only braid dry, detangled hair.

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