How to Fix Ugly Bangs Instantly

Growing it out is one solution, but we’ve got something quicker!

You thought of cutting bangs to change up your look. You may or may not have tried the hair apps to see if you would look good in it. The hair stylist said it would be fine. But lo and behold, you did not like how your fringe – or possibly even your whole hairstyle – looked when he or she was done.

But it’s too late.

You’re just going to hide your face for the next three months or wear a hat when you go out until it grows out. Well, scratch all that because you can save it!

bad bangs haircut


1. Pin it!

1 How to Use Bobby Pin the Right Way

Thank goodness for bobby pins and clips! Use them to pin your fringe back or to the side. (They can do so much more than that! Click on the picture for 39 other tricks!)


2. Wear a headband

sereni and shentel nyonya blair - jade

TRY: Nyonya Blair – Jade, RM129, Sereni & Shentel

Hide that botched fringe cut by pulling it back with a headband.


3. Make a mini quiff!

bouffant bangs

via Pinterest

Gather the fringe, twist it and pull back. Then, push it forward slightly before securing it with a bobby pin. Voila!

Psst… Add a headband for an extra chic look!


4. Use hairspray


TRY: Redken Shape Factor 22, RM50

Or any hair products in general. Use them to experiment with different styles; slick it up, gel it to the side, spray on to create volume or just backcomb it!

Note: Before going for the snip, be sure to consider your face shape and check which type of fringe complements your look best. Here’s a guide!



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