6 Highlighter Tricks to Help You Glow Even More

If you’ve been keeping in touch with the beauty world, 2016 is the year of the glow

Photo: Teni Panosian

Photo: Teni Panosian

Ah, that elusive lit-from-within glow. We all want it, and we all wish that we would naturally glow like J.Lo. But there will be a time where we’ll go overboard and making us look like a disco ball. So not cute.

2016 is the year where we crave for the dewy illuminating look, all thanks to the strobbing trend. Everybody’s doing it, even Kim Kardashian who is known for her contour makeup.And if you’re in the beginning to dip in the highlighting business, then here’s some tricks you need to achieve before looking like a magnificent glazed donut you are.

Know the Difference
A lot of makeup newbies are confused between highlighter and illuminator. So here’s a simple breakdown; a highlighter is a product that goes on top of your foundation. It helps highlight the highest point of our features. Meanwhile, an illuminator is something you can mix with your foundation or moisturiser to give an all around glow.

Find a Highlighter That Complements Your Undertone
Undertones come in three different categories: cool, neutral, and warm. Look for a highlighter that coordinates with your skin tone. You can check out what undertone you are with this quiz. If you have cool undertone, opt for a product that has a bluish pink tinge like Benefit’s High Beam Face Highlighter. For warmer undertones, choose something with champagne or golden flecks like Becca x Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop. But then again, work whatever that suits you!

Stipple Liquid Highlighters with a Sponge
Majority of the time when using liquid highlighter, we tend to pat the product with our fingers. Turns out, using a sponge or a beauty blender to buff the highlighter into the skin and sheer it out will give a more natural luminous finish!

Use Oil or Vaseline to Illuminate
If you don’t have a highlighter near you, don’t worry. You can achieve a subtle glow without the shimmer by using oil! Our favourite to use is coconut oil to give that natural glow. Coconut oil is the holy grail of multitasking ingredient that gives a hydrated finish that’s not runny and too oily. Vaseline works as well too as many makeup artists from runway have used tricks like Vaseline to achieve the supermodel dewy skin.

Dewy Skin to Complement the Highlight
If you have a beauty blender, you should damp your sponge until it swells three times the size. Then dab it in with a water-based gel foundation like 3CE’s Glossing Waterful Foundation and start blending. The wet sponge sponge will thin out the foundation that has a high component of water and your skin will look naturally dewy.

Know Where to Apply
Okay, so you got the lock down on what to do before purchasing a highlighter. So now where to apply it? The highest planes of the face, of course. Such as the brow bone, center of the nose bridge, cheek bones, cupid’s bow, chin, and the inner corner of the eyes to perk your eyes up!

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