The Quick Trick To Hide Thinning Hair In Seconds | #FemaleExpressBeauty

The classic ponytail up-do is one of our favourite ways to wear our hair: it’s easy to do, effortlessly sophisticated, puts your best features on display, and gives your face an instant lift.

But if you’ve got unfortunately thin and fine hair like me, a high up-do can make your hairline look a little thin and sparse.  That’s not the best look, and it would always make me feel a little self-conscious.  Thankfully, inspired by a couple of new K-beauty products I noticed hitting the market, I’ve discovered a quick and easy way to hide thinning hair.

Step 1: Pull your hair up into a ponytail.

Step 2: With a dense brush, pick up some matte eyeshadow or powder contour.

Step 3: Lightly dab the powder over any sparse areas, especially around your hairline, crown and tops of your sideburns. By making your scalp look slightly less visible, you can easily conceal any thin spots like so.

hide thinning hair - female express beauty

Photo: Tosoowong

And that’s it! A good matte powder works perfectly well, but if you feel like it, check out the dedicated Korean products designed to conceal and modify a thin hairline!

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