Hermès Is Launching Its Very First Skincare And Cosmetic Range In 2020

Held to be one of the world’s most revered luxury fashion brands, it’s almost every girl’s dream to own a Hermès product in her lifetime. If you’ve always wished to walk away with an item wrapped in the French fashion label’s iconic bright orange packaging but lack sufficient funds to do so, perhaps the moment is coming soon.

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Birkin bags aside, Hermès recently announced its plans to launch a skincare and cosmetic range that’s set to debut next year. Business of Fashion reports that the collections will be developed in-house but manufactured by third-party suppliers, mainly in France and Italy. The brand also pledged to use plastic-free packaging for the new line. Although Hermès is well-known for its leather goods, it’s not totally new to the beauty world with its line of fragrances and body balm.


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Speaking with BoF, Hermès chief executive Axel Dumas shared: “It’s quite exciting: It’s a new activity, with all the risks that involved, so we will deploy it progressively, initially in our own stores mainly, in a limited distribution so that we can learn. Obviously, we hope to have the biggest scope possible. We are trying to do it humbly and cautiously because it’s a big market that’s already full of strong players, and therefore we have to find our place in it.”

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Axel also added that in order to become a great global beauty brand, Hermès needs three categories: skincare, makeup and fragrance. The label has already enjoyed great success with its fragrance line, and its perfume business reported a growth of nine percent in 2018 thanks to the success of its Terre d’Hermès fragrance.

As for now, Hermès has yet to release any details on the products that can be expected. In an email exchange with The Zoe Report, Peter Malachi, SVP of Communications at Hermès said: “The launch of Beauty, a new Hermès Métier, will be introduced in Spring, 2020. We have no further announcements to make at this time.”

With models seen walking down its Fall 2019 runway with distinctly smokey eye makeup, perhaps we could anticipate a smokey eyeshadow palette?

Photo: Hermès

Photo: Hermès

Photo: Hermès

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