Here’s Why You Should Add Charcoal To Your Skincare!

Charcoal has many good properties that can help those with troubled skin. If your concern is having to deal with oily skin then this might be the ingredient to look out for in a skincare. Charcoal is a good absorbing ingredient that helps to remove oil, dirt, and other bad substances off your skin.


Did you know that are many types of charcoal? One, in particular, the Binchotan is known as the best quality charcoal made from evergreen oak wood, has a higher concentration of carbon that absorbs impurities in a large amount.  It also has a good detoxifying, purifying and mattifying properties.

Erborian’s new Charcoal products, the Purifying Black Cleansing Oil and the Exfoliating Purifying Mask, contains Binchotan!

Here’s how you can work these two products as the first two steps into your everyday skincare regime.

1. After a long day out, it’d be great if one could just plop on the bed and call it a day. But, leaving your makeup on for too long will cause your skin to produce excessive sebum and your skin will slowly absorb the chemical layer on your face which can lead to acne. Use the Purifying Black Cleansing Oil as the first step in your skincare. This gentle cleansing oil not only removes excess sebum but it also removes 97 percent of waterproof makeup residue. It won’t leave your face dry after wash.

Tip! Wet your fingers before massaging the skin. Just use gentle circular motion to remove any impurities on the skin.

2. The Exfoliating Purifying Mask or the black scrub has a fresh gel texture made of exfoliating cotton microfibre. This will help to gently exfoliate your skin whilst successfully rid of skin impurities as well as absorbing excess sebum for a mattifying touch without drying it out.  Include the scrub twice to three times a week in your skincare regime for good measure.

3. Follow through with your usual toner and moisturiser afterwards to complete the whole process.

Extra! Erborian tested the products on 31 women during a month period and 97 percent saw a positive result in terms of skin’s radiance after a month and all of them agreed that the black scrub immediately made their skin super smooth.

Take note that the products will be available online at in February and on mid of March.

Erborian Purifying Black Cleansing Oil, RM88

Erborian Exfoliating Purifying Mask, RM129

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