Here Are The Answers To The 4 Beauty Questions You Have During This Isolation Period

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We’re sure that these beauty questions have popped into your head during this isolation period and that’s why we’re here to answer them.

As we enter into Day 5 of the Movement Control Order, it’s safe to say that many of us are slowly getting accustomed to staying at home all day. From setting up our perfect home working desk to enjoying the freedom of having your own space, we wouldn’t be surprised if active-goers are also finding themselves enjoying this hermit period.

However, we know that even when you’re staying at home, there are a few beauty questions that’ll pop into your head. That’s totally normal because we’ve thought about those questions as well! That’s why we’ve decided to seek the answers to some of our burning beauty questions and share them with you.

1. Do I still need to apply sunscreen at home?

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Nobody will ever know how unkempt you look while staying at home. But while you can skip dressing up and applying makeup, you still need to wear sunscreen religiously. Unless you’re locked in an underground dungeon with no access to sunlight, some harmful UV rays can still penetrate through your windows and glasses. Glasses used for home windows are mainly designed to block most UVB rays but offer little to no protection from UVA rays – the culprit linked to the aging of skin cells. Hence, keep up with your regular beauty routine and don’t skip any steps. Your skin will thank you later.

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