What Happens to Your Skin When You Stop Wearing Makeup

Baring it all for the greater good!

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Ever feel like going out the house without wearing a single drop of makeup on the face? We know sometimes it can get pretty tiring to put them on everyday, especially if you use a lot of products. Even worse when you start breaking out! While we’re not telling you to chuck them away for good, it’s best to take a break for the purpose of helping your skin to breathe and recover. So what happens when you don’t wear makeup for a long period of time? Read on to find out…


1. Your skin can breathe

Makeup contains a lot of chemicals that could easily build up on your face and clog your pores. This leads to the formation of those pesky breakouts. Take time off and let your skin recover without piling on concealers or foundations. You’ll feel much cleaner without them!


2. Poreless skin

Bronzers and blushers may look pretty on our faces but when not washed properly, will result in chemical build-up, accumulating dirt in your pores. On top of that, outdoor air pollutants also contribute to the enlargement of pores. With routine facial cleansing and going makeup-free, you’ll see a reduction of saggy skin and wrinkles along with tighter pores. Try double cleansing for that extra clean effect!


3. Your skin will clear up

While we all may be aware that makeup is one of the causes of breakouts, we wear them nonetheless to conceal our spots – which only makes it worse. Imagine using your irregularly-washed makeup brushes, which  contains  leftover products, on your face. Yucks! The germs don’t just contribute to your clogged pores but also causes inflammation that leads to even more breakouts. So stop the cycle and  let your skin do its magic.


4. Less eye infections

Did you know your eye makeup can cause your peepers to itch and swell? It’s true, especially when you use old makeup. You might think you’re saving yourself some cash by reusing that mascara you’ve had for two years but you’re risking exposing your eyes to germs and viruses. And don’t think sharing your eye makeup with your sister or BFF is a good idea too – it can spread bacteria.


5. Bye-bye dry skin

When it’s time for our skin’s renewal process to start, we tend to mess it up with unwanted chemicals from our makeup. When this happens, skin will go through a ‘natural skin sloughing’ process. It’s when the process of dry skin replacing new cells is hindered, resulting in dry and dull skin. Take this time to focus and perfect your skincare regime, so you won’t need as much makeup as you used to.


6. Less allergic reactions

A lot of products out there contain ingredients like parabens, sulphates, and metals, which can trigger an allergic reaction for many users. According to Webmd, there are two types of reaction; one’s called irritant contact dermatitis, which causes itch, redness and burn, and the other is allergic contact dermatitis, where it effects the immune system. Hence, you should apply makeup sparingly and make sure to use newly-produced products.


7. Natural beauty

Although at first you might feel insecure about going naked on the face, you can use this time to appreciate your natural beauty. Instead of hiding under all that makeup, your freckles and rosy cheeks actually make you look more youthful. We can bet that when you have healthier skin, you’ll feel even more happier!


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DEMI LOVATO | Photography: pinterest.com

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ZENDAYA | Photography: stylesatlife.com

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JENNIFER LOPEZ | Photography: hollywoodlife.com

GIGI HADID | Photography: seventeen.com

Source: thelist.com, purewow.com

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