This Traditional South Korean Haircare Brand Will Treat Your Scalp For Lustrous Hair

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A bad hair day is no different from a bad day.

Just like choosing a suitable skincare product, the type of shampoos you choose should depend on the hair concern you’re aiming to tackle. But don’t just focus on treating the ends of your hair: it’s important to pay some attention to your scalp as well. After all, the skin of your scalp is just as delicate as your facial skin and requires proper cleansing to keep it healthy and maintain good hair growth! Whether you’re concerned about hair loss or oily scalp, Ryo shampoos can help you to restore your hair balance.

This South Korean shampoo brand uses the concept of ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ as the basis of its treatment formulation, with the ‘Yin’ represented by Ryo (inner nature) which is the scalp, while ‘Yang’ is represented by Yul (surface) which is the hair. The brand believes it’s important to address any hair issues from the Ryo which is the scalp, which is why it’s the first hair care brand in the market that treats the scalp apart from the hair.

Known for its medicinal herbs and natural plant ingredients, Ryo is available in four variants — Hair Loss Care, Damage Hair, Scalp Deep Cleansing and Dandruff Relief — to provide an effective solution to specific hair concerns.

1. Hair Loss Care


As hair loss and hair thinning are prevalent among Asian women due to environmental changes, hectic lifestyle and poor living habits, Ryo prides in its signature Hair Loss Care Shampoo that has maintained its position as the leader in the Korean Herbal Shampoo market for 9 years since 2007.

The range uses highly concentrated ginseng saponins as an active ingredient in its formulation combined with a patented technology known as GinsenEX™ to further strengthened the follicular cells for healthier roots.

The product also contains liquorice to help manage the hair growth cycle as well as green tea and ginger to protect follicular cells from stress and strengthen the roots.

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