Seize This Moment To Get Good Hair Habits Back Into Your Life

Your gross hair habits should be a thing of the past.

Photography: Pixabay for Pexels

So you’re busy and most likely to have no time for an extensive hair routine. We get that. But we’re not talking about anything elaborate – this is a reminder to catch up on the things you’ve already known (but haven’t had the time and space to do them). As weeks of compulsory staying in does not happen often, take this advantage to re-adopt simple yet life-changing habits, starting with your hair. No one would casually admit to not drying their hair properly or dilly-dallying shampoo time but it’s out there – and it’s ruining your hair up to the roots. Building a healthy hair routine starts with throwing your bad hair habits away. Shall we begin?

Wash thoroughly

Lock away your dry shampoo and get straight to it! If you’ve settled to washing your hair once a week, upgrade it twice or thrice throughout. Cleanse like you mean it: stay longer in the shower and massage between strands to really get to the grime. Don’t scratch with your nails as this will put your scalp in jeopardy. Instead, make use of a wide-toothed comb as your shampoo aid. Don’t forget conditioner!

A salon tip: besides having a good, trusty shampoo (invest in a sulfate-free one!), leaving the tiny bubbles in a little longer will help ‘pop’ dirt or dandruff before rinsing. Also, it’s not a bad thing to wash your hair everyday; given that you have really oily hair and a nourishing scalp shampoo at home.

Air-dry (or cold-dry) your strands

In other words, no sleeping or going out with wet hair, especially if you wear a hijab! Avoid dry-pulling your hair with a towel and cut down on hairdryer time (if you can) and opt for air-drying instead. This lowers damaging heat and friction to hair, which promotes breakage over use and time. If you need help, fan-dry it or opt for the cold air option on your hairdryer. It might take more time for your hair to completely dry but this way, your hair stays fresher for much longer.

Multi-mask sometimes

There’s no opportunity like the present to bring out the hair mask samples you’ve stashed for ‘special occasions’. Also, the hair serums you’ve set aside for when you’re going to finally revamp your whole hair routine! Set a day in a week at least to mask; use alternate ones to address different concerns (for instance, lacklustre hair and itchy scalp) every once in a while. On top of that, find a texture and form of a supporting product that works for you – we suggest a quick spray-on tonic.

No pressure

Aside from retiring your scalp-scratching and towel-drying habits, stay away from hair ties that tug hair. Remember, no rubber bands – and opt for soft yet supportive scrunchies or ties (satin or soft cotton ones are amazing) and avoid tying a too-tight ponytail to assure less fall-outs. Hair fall can sometimes be the result of constant pulling of the scalp, so loosen (your ponytails) up a little bit!

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