FEMALE Tries: Shiseido Professional’s Top 5 Leave-In Hair Treatments

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3. For coloured hair: Luminoforce Gloss Spray, RM158

Once you’ve spent the time and money getting your hair coloured, you’re going to want to make the colour last as long as possible! At the same time, coloured hair needs extra TLC . The Hair Care Luminoforce Gloss Spray not only prevents color fading, it also but also treats coarse hair, leaving hair supple and easy to finger-comb. Say hello to silky and shiny just-left-the-salon hair!

“I wash my curly hair twice a week to prevent stripping natural oils from my hair. But my hair can get a little dull as it approaches day three which is why this spray is a perfect pick-me-up to add shine and moisture without the crunch from a hairspray. It also has UV protection properties to prevent colour from fading.”

Ilicia Alias, Beauty Writer

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