FEMALE Tries: Shiseido Professional’s Top 5 Leave-In Hair Treatments

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2.  For fine, limp hair: Future Sublime Volume Serum, RM158

Not blessed with a naturally bouncy head of hair? Try the Future Sublime Volume Serum which instantly works on the hair and scalp to create volume by lifting hair from the roots. This serum is formulated with the same Tightening Complex used in their skincare products and the Resilience-Lift Complex*2 which gives resilience and strength to each and every strand as well as a blend of aromatic compounds for a lovely fragrance.

“You need heat from a hair dryer to make the most of this serum, so I don’t reach for it as much as I should. When I do use it though, my usually flat hair is bouncier, airier, and lifted! Running my fingers through my hair, I can feel something of a powdery residue left behind, but it’s not visible. It also smells really nice, so if you don’t have time to wash your hair frequently, this works great in between washes!”

– Yi-Di, Senior Web Writer

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