FEMALE Tries: Barbero Lab Salon

The industrial parks of Setia Alam hide a secret: a quaint little hair salon called the Barbero Lab Salon.

As much as it looks like a swanky cafe from the outside, walk in and you’ll realise it’s actually a hair salon! The distinctly vintage-inspired space is neatly divided into 3 areas: a barber area, makeup area and chemical mixing area, so you can enjoy your treatments in peace.

Did you know? Barbero is Spanish for hairstylist!

If you wanna see the kind of art the Barbero guys can do, check out our hairdos from our Merdeka team photo. (Spoiler alert: They blew us away with their speed and skill!) Or just watch how they create a subtle Korean perm, just enough to give life to stick-straight hair and worthy of any K-drama!

The salon uses Japan’s Shiseido Professional products exclusively, so you know what to expect. And if there is one signature hair treatment you must try when you come here, it’s the Shiseido Hair Care Salon Solutions treatment.

The treatment works by eliminating calcium ions that build up inside the hair shaft from showering in mineral-rich tap water. These calcium ions can make hair coarser and rougher, so the Shiseido Hair Care Salon Solutions Treatment restores the hair to its natural, healthy state, says Barbero stylist Jason.

“It is a great treatment especially for coloured and permed hair in order to achieve a silky-smooth and supple texture,” he explains. “At the same time it also works as a repair treatment to power up your lifeless tresses with all the vitamins needed for a softer, more manageable hair.”

The treatment isn’t just good for your hair– with its refreshing chamomile and rose scent, it’ll lift the senses as well!

P.S. The salon also offers treatments and hair cuts for men, so bring your guy along for a treat.

Barbero Lab Salon

A: 39-1-1, Jalan Setia Prima A U13/A, Setia Alam, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor
T: +6010-562 9142
FB: @barbero.lab | IG: @barbero_hair_lab