This Guy Cosplays Disney Princesses and He Nails It

Meet Richard Schaefer. He’s a 21 year old fashion design student and his cosplay on Disney princesses are totally on point!


“I decided to start cosplaying as princesses because of how androgynous people used to say I was. Curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to transform myself into my favorite princess — Ariel, who I have loved since I was a child. I was pleasantly surprised at how convincing I looked so I decided to stick at it and try different princesses too,” he says to DailyMail.

His favourite character to cosplay is Ariel from The Little Mermaid, hence why his Instagram username is @theofficialariel. We mean, his Ariel is totally uncanny, he even got Ariel’s expression of the thingamabobs sorted. We forgot that it’s actually Richard underneath all that makeup and wig.


Been playing cosplay for about four years now, Richard uses cosplay as a way to boost up his self esteem due to being bullied in school, “Being a princess definitely helped me to become a more confident person. Not only do I feel beautiful as a person but I feel even more beautiful when I’m just myself, the ball gown is just an added bonus.”

As of now, Richard currently owns 40 costumes and 30 wigs. It takes him almost 2 hours to do the makeup and ensemble. Hey, it’s totally worth it because he nails it.

Unfortunately, Richard’s Instagram is set to private :( But no worries, we managed to screenshot some of Richard’s cosplay here!

Besides Ariel, he even does The Little Mermaid’s villain, Ursula in human form ‘Vanessa’.

“Can you hear the colours of the wind?”

Even his Rapunzel expression is on point!

Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, is that you guys?

Jane from Tarzan!

Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

We can’t. This transformation of Maleficent is TOO MUCH. We’re obsessed!

You won’t say you’re in love, you say? Here’s him as Meg from Hercules.

Looks like he lost his glass slippers like Cinderella did!

Doing what Belle of Beauty and The Beast does best – Reading.

Who needs pixie dust when you can transform to Tinkerbell like Richard can.

Snow White waiting for the Seven Dwarfs to come home.

Besides Disney princesses, Richard also does Disney heroes! Look! It’s Peter Pan!

He even impersonates celebrities, like Taylor Swift.

We’re crazy for this look. This Disney and Sailormoon inspired look is to die for. Looks like we know what we’ll be as for Halloween.