Gucci Brings A New Feminine Scent To The #GuiltyNotGuilty Fragrance Line

Imagine a world where everyone can have the freedom to love. A love that’s not judged nor reprimanded by society and naysayers based on societal and gender norms. Discovering this kind of romance is pure and if one were to truly embrace it without taking in the negativity, they’re loving with absolute freedom.

As we’ve entered the month of love, what better way to experience that warm, fuzzy feeling than with Gucci’s latest fragrance, Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Femme?

If you’re all for something other than the typical romantic fragrance, this one is a modern rendition of that with its fruity and deep floral notes. Inspired by blackberries growing freely in the wild forest, a whiff of this Eau De Parfum lets you in on the sweet blackberry notes, followed by a rich floral scent of Bulgarian rose and woody aroma from the cypress, which is the star note for its masculine counterpart, the Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Homme.

The great thing about having a pair of his and her fragrances is that you can go matchy-matchy with your beau! We recommend spritzing it on your wrist and neck right after you shower for a long-lasting effect.

The campaign welcomes familiar faces such as award-winning actor, Jared Leto, and models Julia Hafstrom and Vera van Erp as they embody the fragrance’s desirable scent of modernity, sensuality and romance.

The coveted fragrance will be available in the selected outpost: Isetan KLCC (5 – 11 Feb), Aeon Mid Valley (5 – 11 Feb), Parkson KLCC (8 – 14 Feb), and Parkson Pavilion (9 – 15 Feb and 12 – 18 March)


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