Get Rid of Razor Bumps With These Kitchen Ingredients

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Have you ever shaved your arms and legs and noticed red bumps on the skin? Apart from looking similar to pimples, these razor bumps are the first thing we want to avoid from shaving as they can completely ruin the attractive cleanly shaven look. Not to mention they can often be pretty painful! Razor bumps happen when the hair follicles you shave curl back in on themselves, irritating the skin. Blunt razor blades, uneven skin, and even certain hair types can increase the likelihood of this happening.

Without proper care, this seemingly minor problem can actually develop into permanent scar tissue. So don’t take any chances and try out these natural remedies to get rid of razor bumps.

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1. Coconut oil

Over the years, coconut oil has become a staple beauty product for its many benefits to our skin and hair. So it’s no surprise that it is also very useful to treat razor bumps. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it a safe and effective therapy for the troubled skin. Keep it simple by applying a thin layer of the oil to the affected area three to four times a day.

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