Get Frisky with Penis-Shaped Makeup!

Now you won’t get offended if people call you ‘dickface’ ever again!

Remember a few months back when the whole beauty sphere went absolutely nuts over penis-shaped lipsticks?


Not only do these penis-shaped lipsticks look life-like but the collection comes in flesh tone as well, which made us even more baffled! Sold under the name Princessa USA Mushroom Penis Lipsticks ($21 dollars for a pack of 12), the penis-shaped lipsticks are’t the only penis-shaped makeup product out there. Oh no, this is only the beginning cos another company had the balls to create a penis highlighter! Pun intended.

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Created by Bitch Slap! Cosmetics by a former MAC makeup artist, the highlighters are called Deep Throat (very subtle) and come in Rainbow, Gold, Pink and Rust Dark. This isn’t the only product that BSC has created, inspired by the genitalia. They even created eyeshadows too if you’re in for a treat on the eyes.

Oh, and you thought that’s the last? BSC also created their own line of penis-shaped lipsticks inspired by Princessa USA Mushroom Penis Lipsticks above.

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Got some blemishes and dark circles  you want to conceal? Cover them up with some dick concealer!

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But if you’re not into penises (shout out to all the lesbians out there), don’t worry, the makeup company also offers vagina-shaped highlighters!

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They even created a highlighter palette named ‘Netflix & Chill’. Can they be anymore subtle?

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Well then, if you’re looking for a little gag (you see what I did there?) or a party favour for the next bachelorette party, then this variety of penis-shaped cosmetics is an ideal purchase!