Get Your Dream Brows with 7 Easy Tricks

Perfect brows every time!

brows on fleek

Photography: Pinterest

Everyone’s trying to get on the ‘on-fleek brow’ train but really, the struggle to get the perfect shape is very tedious. Raise your hands if you’ve ever given up working on your arches halfway and just opted to colour them in, hoping no one notices the unattractive strokes and untrimmed hair up close. We’ve been there, done that, and now, we’re determined to tackle the problem! Here’s a compilation of easy-to-do steps to help you (and us) out of your brow woes.

1. Shape ‘em good

To get flawless-looking brows, keeping them neat is key. You’ve got to get the shape right so you won’t have trouble drawing them in later. Underline your brows to your desired shape as a guide for you to see the hair that needs to be removed. Brush the hair upwards with a spoolie and pluck away.

2. Tape it!

To make it much easier for you to shape ’em, use sticky tape as a stencil. Before you put the tape on your face, cut several short pieces and stick them to the back of your hand to lessen their strength cos you don’t want to rip anything off. Place the tape along the top of your arches and on the underline of the brows. You can arrange them wider or narrower depending on your preferred thickness. Then just fill them in.

3. Mirror, mirror

Get up close with your eyebrows by using a small compact mirror. This lets you see your brows for better precision when drawing and colouring them in. However, be mindful to not use it when plucking. This is because you’re bound to over-pluck them when you can see every strand clearly, and that’s a look no one is going for. Instead, use a regular mirror in the process so you’ll have two different views.

4. Conceal

We normally do our brows after we’ve done the rest of the face but eyebrow mistakes are bound to happen. You don’t have to use makeup remover to get rid of those mistakes, just use concealer. Clean those slip-ups by running and blending it over your brow bones, covering any mess in the process.

5. Shadow your brows

Out of brow pencils? No worries, save your moolah by using eyeshadow. Use a colour that resembles your natural hair shade, wet the tip of the brush and fill in as usual. Using a wet brush lets you pick up the shadow colours even more, making it super pigmented just like brow pomades.

6. Growth Serum

To girls who have thinner brows, you can apply Castor oil onto them to promote hair growth in the area. This ‘serum’ is packed with fatty acids and it’s also great because it has good absorbing power to really nourish your hair follicles. Transfer the wonder tonic into a small container, dip a cotton bud in it, swipe it over your eyebrows and massage it in. You can do this nightly before bed and see results in six weeks.

Extra: You can also aid your lashes with this trick!

7. Strong hold

If you have a hairspray in hand and no brow gel to be seen, you can use it to tame your unruly brows. No, we’re not telling you to directly spray it on them (good heavens no!), use your trusty brow wand for this. Spritz some on a spoolie and then comb your brow hair upwards. This little hack will keep the hairs in place throughout the day. To remove, just use an oil-based makeup remover and it should come right off.

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