Get A Healthy Glow With These Compact Products

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Do you get an ashy complexion when applying your base? You probably need to master the art of colour correcting. 


Colour-correcting lays the groundwork in creating great skin by hiding dullness and redness. That way, you’ll need less foundation, making your complexion look even more natural.

The Laneige Skin Veil Base Cushion lets the foundation blend into your skin without looking patchy or streaky. Applied with a tapping motion, the base enhances the skin’s natural glow while correcting yellowish or reddish skin tone. It boosts the radiance of the skin while controlling excessive sebum with its Oil Control Function, leaving the skin matte yet moisturised.

For sensitive, acne prone skin, opt for a green-hued base cos it neutralises the redness. Pat gently on the areas of control. Be sure to use a light hand to prevent irritating the skin.

For dull, uneven-toned skin, go for a lavender base to wake up the complexion. Focus the product on the laugh lines, along the cheeks and the corners of the mouth.

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