Fragrance Finds A Home At The Maison Christian Dior Paris Boutique In Pavilion KL

“A drop of perfume and you’re dressed in Dior.”

Here’s a bit of news that’ll make the day of any perfume-lover: Dior Parfums has opened their first-ever Maison Christian Dior Fragrance Boutique in Malaysia!

The boutique in Pavilion KL houses Dior’s premium fragrance collection previously known as La Collection Privée. The entire space captures the light, understated ambience of the original Parisian boutique, with its elegant white marble counter tops, simple polished concrete details and warm wood flooring. Call us crazy, but the design on the space really puts the perfumes in the spotlight!

“It seemed to me like a natural continuation of La Collection Privée, said Dior’s Perfumer-Creator François Demachy on the new boutique and fragrance collection. “With Maison Christian Dior, this collection is growing and can offer different creations to different audiences. But perfume also plays another role at Maison Christian Dior, where you can experience fragrance as something that exists to its fullest extent, with the utmost nobility.”

“These Maisons are more than just boutiques and above all, you should feel comfortable and at home there,” he continued. “Every last detail has been carefully considered to transmit a love of perfume in an accessible way, in the spirit of sharing. Maison Christian Dior are places for “tasting” perfume.”

Sure enough, 20 scents are available for your olfactory delight – with each scent laid out for sampling on the gorgeous scent bar.

“Maisons Christian Dior are places in which everything has been designed to make you feel good, in an atmosphere conducive to fully experiencing the pleasure of perfume.” – François Demachy

Each fragrance belongs to one of five scent families: the Florals, Soft Florals, Fruity, Sensuals, or Orientals. A few of the scents that caught our eye and captured our noses: Rose Gipsy is a soft-pink ode to Grasse’s queen of flowers; Lucky olfactorily evokes the image of a single Lily of the Valley  flower tucked into clothing for luck; Gris Dior is the signature Dior grey imagined as a scent, as effortlessly elegant as you’d expect; and Thé Cachemire is a soft cocooning composition of smoke-infused rosy white tea.

Besides scents, there are also other scented delights like candles and accessories, body creams and soaps, and silk scarves designed to carry fragrance as their namesake, Dior muse Mitzah Bricard, did.

Trust us, if you’re a fan of perfumes, spend some time at the Maison Christian Dior Fragrance Boutique and be transported to a world of scent!

Maison Christian Dior Paris Boutique
Lot No. 3.02.1A, Level 3, Pavilion Shopping Mall,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100, Kuala Lumpur

Maison Christian Dior perfumes are priced at RM395 (40 ml), RM890 (125ml), RM1,270 (250ml), RM1,764 (450ml).