We Found A Way To Tightline And Curl Lashes In One Go! | #FemaleExpressBeauty

Eyeliners are very tough to master, am I right? And when you do get it perfect on one side of your eye, it goes downhill on the other side. Out of frustration, you end up just removing the whole thing and opt for the mascara. We were scouting the net-o-sphere, to find any quick and easy way we can make it work and we stumble upon this weird but worth-the-shot trick.

Enter the eyelash curlers! Yes, eyelash curlers. This beauty tool can actually double as an eyeliner ‘stamp’ to tightline your eyes and curl lashes at the same time resulting in fuller looking lashes. It’s super easy to do and it saves you time from having to re-draw your eyeliner.

We’ve shown you how to Hide Thinning Hairs In Seconds, How To Use One Product For Insta-Worthy Brows and even an Easy Way To Get Plumper Pout without the pain; now we’ve got the one trick to get you curled lashes and lined eyes in a jiffy!

Image: tumblr.com

Step 1: Using a pencil liner or a gel liner, smudge the rubber parts of the eyelash curler from end to end.

Step 2: Place the eyelash curlers as close as you can to the roots of your lashes and clamp it. Make sure you hold it there for a few seconds so you’ll get an even line.

Step 3: Finish the look with a few coats of mascara.

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