You Need To Learn The Truth Behind Those Fitspo Selfies, According To A Fitness Model

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2. Posture matters.

?Spoiler alert? I did not pull down my shorts, they are at the same height in all these pictures!! Look at the distance between my shorts and bellybutton? IT’S ALL ABOUT POSTURE!! ✨ So how is this even possible? On the left picture I’m completely pushing my hips forwards and my back & shoulders are rounded. Due to this my boobs get pushed towards my belly button. Slouching is defenitely bad posture and can cause serious health issues! Honestly, I think this is how we all look coming out of the changing room when your mum forced you to try on something ridiculous? ✨ “Natural” posture me is just chilling? No weird pose, no overarching or slouching?? Just standing proud an standing tall! I mean, look at that happy face! Standing like this takes me little to no effort but does force my core to engage? ✨ Than we have posed me?? No time to smile cause damn this pose is hard work? Flexing my abs and arching that back so much we might as well turn it into a slide for them kids to play on? Because of the arched back my abs are more visible and the distance between my shorts & sportsbra looks bigger . ✨ Since I’ve posted something similar before I know people are gonna say; “even when posing I look like the pic on the left”? Let me tell you something THIS IS NOT ABOUT HAVING ABS OR A “THIGHGAP”?? EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU LOOKS BETTER WITH PROPER POSTURE!! You go get the best out of YOUR body by OWNING it! Be proud!! ? ✨ Look at left pic me? Honestly, I kinda look like a serial killer who just layed eyes upon its next victim. Why? The rounded back & neck make it almost impossible to look up. Instead of trying to hide behind “closed” body language try to stand proud and tall! You deserve to be seen! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!❤❤ ✨ New blogpost about posture is up! Direct link to my fb is in my bio. You’ll find the link there?You definitely don’t want to miss this one. Ended it with my worst joke/pun ever?? #gettingworseeverysingleday #proudofitthough ?? Also yes, thank you for letting me know this “dumb ass bitch” made a spelling mistake? People who also have dyslexia will understand? #nevergetitright #evenwhenyoudoublecheck

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The right posture can literally change your body. After all, your body is a dynamic, living, moving thing. and it’s going to look different depending on how you move. There’s a reason why body builders and fitness models actually have to take classes and practice flexing and posture, because there are specific ways to show off your muscles and look as fit as possible. Imre breaks down the importance of posture here

Just remember that in real life, nobody’s posing all the time.

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