You Need To Learn The Truth Behind Those Fitspo Selfies, According To A Fitness Model

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At the time of writing this, the #fitspo hashtag on Instagram has garnered 44,006,487 photos. That means people have uploaded over 44 million photos of fitspo, or “fit inspiration”, which can consist of motivational quotes, healthy meal photos, progress photos,  and more often than not,  photos of incredibly fit and seemingly perfect bodies. Like this:

With so many photos like that, it’s easy to start feeling a little insecure and unhappy with ourselves. Most people you see in real life don’t look anything like that, but those people in the photos clearly do, so it must be possible, right?

Fitness model Imre Çeçen is here to set a few things straight.

With her sunny smile and sculpted abs, Imre looks very much like every other glamorously fit Instagram model. Except that she takes her photos to prove one simple thing:

Nobody looks like that all the time.

And here’s why:

1. Lighting matters.

Insta models be like; only gonna post pictures with lighting that shows my abs??? Todays “influencers” often seem to forget that when you only post pictures like the left one your followers may think you look like that 24/7. #wedont ✨ This right pic was taken whilst using a strong artificial light which takes alway all shades? The left pic is only natural light which leaves the shades of my abs?I’m flexing in both pics and the pose is pretty much the same! ✨ I posted a similar pic not so long ago and I got so many comments saying it was photoshop? This time I made a video too so maybe I’ll upload it later. Honestly, I’m just trying to make something clear to you. No reason to fake it?? ✨ Light is a life changer! You know what you do when you contour your face with make up? You put on fake shades to create depth in your face. You put on highlighter to make some parts of your face pop up. ?? ✨ Now think about abs. You can see muscles when a body is defined & thus the muscles “stick out”. This creates the shades which shows us the definition. Take away lighting from a good angle and those shades & muscle definition are gone. It’s that simple? ✨ Don’t always believe those magical transformations which happened in weeks. I could have just as well pretended this was a transformation pic. Always take your transformation pics with the same lighting! ? ✨ Transforming your body, mindset and lifestyle takes time and hard work⏳ Changing your body by using different lighting takes only seconds?? Stop focussing on others and stop comparing! Start focussing on yourself and start loving yourself! You don’t need abs, a thigh gap or a big booty to be beautiful?? You just need to be you!!?? ✨ Ps. Who’s gonna stand in front of their mirror later today testing all sorts of lighting??? #iknowiwould Also if you don’t believe these pics were taken moments apart: look at that tiny stripe on my hand where I tested my eyeliner??? Oh and tag a friend who needs to know that lighting can make such a big difference!??

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A lot goes into making that perfect Insta-shot, and lighting is probably one of the most important things. When you take a photo in natural light like by a window, it’s less harsh and shows more muscle definition while sheering out any blemishes on your face. Artificial overhead lighting like those you find in dressing rooms can wash out all muscle definition or tone on your body, which doesn’t look as great. But which one is the real you?

“The reason why it seems like all “insta models” do look “amazing” all the time is just cause they only post pictures with lighting that they like,” Imre says.

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